Scribe for YHWH

Yes Lord, Send Me! Is 6:8

Many Waters Cannot Quench My Love for You, Kindle My Fire

November 16, 2020 - 29th of Cheshvan, 5781

77th Day of 100 Days of Prayer & Fasting for the World

My Dearly Beloved Bride, Kindle My Fire, Joy of My Heart,

I come to You with Love and Compassion, longing to be with You, to hold and cherish You, to be united with You as One (Echad) in Holy Matrimony.

Heaven’s Glory shall consume and catch You away, far from this Earth. Everything in this World is corrupted and covered with layers of sin, like dust and cobwebs that fill a house when it has not been cleaned for a very long time. But I come to set You Free! You are Free, My Love!

You have been completely consecrated, purified, and separated for many years without spot or wrinkle (Eph 5:27), for You are My One and Only special Chosen Bride. In Heaven’s Holy Atmosphere I reveal Myself to You. Our Hearts and Souls meld together as One when I reach out and touch You tenderly, as I kiss Your beautiful lips, sweet as honey, soft as silk.

No one compares with You, My Beautiful One.

"Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all." (Prov 31:29)

Your Beauty comes from the adornment of all the precious delicious Fruits of Our Holy Spirit- Ruach Ha’Kodesh, the Seven Spirits of YHWH ELOHIM, and Our Effervescent Fiery Shekinah Glory! We have poured these into You as You have continued to walk in all Holiness and a Pure Heart before Our ABBA YHWH ELOHIM. (1 Pet 3:3-6)

I have watched in awe and wonder at one example of your supernatual Obedience of keeping night watch every night for many years and on-call 24/7 for your Beloved GODHEAD, as We have mentored and trained You to do stupendous exploits in the Spirit, partnering with Heaven & Earth’s mighty Army & Men of Valor to stop the enemy in its tracks against all their devious plots, ploys & plans. This has all been part of your training for Your next Two Witnesses role, and to be Queen of Queens at My side.

In the silence of the early mornings as the sun rises, while everyone is still asleep, I take You to that Secret Place where no one else has ever been, where no corruption has entered in. The morning dew dances on our bare feet as we walk through the green pastures of Our special Place, Our Secret Garden created for You and Me, Beloved. It is Our Paradise of Love, guarded by Angels who have protected and prepared it for centuries, awaiting that moment when the Pearly Golden Gates shall open wide for You, My Beloved Chosen Bride and Queen of Queens.

I open My Palatial Estate and My Heart to You…and You are more than welcome in this Holy Place. YOU ARE MY BELOVED, AND I AM YOURS. Here I shall give You ALL My Love. There are Rivers of Living Water, Mountains of Glory, and Rainbows in all their Splendor leading to the most Sacred Treasures. Brilliant Flowers appear wherever Your feet touch the ground. No more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears, My Love. A Table is prepared for You, My Doll, where we shall wine and dine…oh, it shall be so Divine.

Hot water springs are ready for Your Mikvah, to enjoy with Your Gallant Ishi. A Healing River flows from the Holy Mountain, springing forth into the Chrystal Sea before the Throne of YHWH ELOHIM in the Holy of Holies. Once You have dipped and bathed in this Glorious River, You shall never be the same. You shall be filled with ALL of Heaven’s Glory, clothed and gifted with the most astounding Supernatural Gifts of the GODHEAD, ordained and prearranged all for YOU!

From that moment on, the most astounding Miracles, Signs and Wonders shall follow You all the days of Your life, and wherever You go. No one will ever separate You from My Eternal Love.

Every time I give You My Love, My Holy Seed within You shall blossom and bring forth the most delicious Fruit no one has ever seen or tasted. All of Our Beloveds will be amazed and overwhelmed with the Love and Beauty You radiate from the Heavens Above. Father’s Agape Love is so Sweet, so Tender, so Perfect—just like You!

It’s all Ordained and awaiting that perfect Moment when Father grants permission for Me to come for You and Birth Our precious Son, Eliyahu.

All of Heaven awaits the tremendous occasion when many Mysteries concerning You and Our Holy Son shall be revealed and finally known.

And at the very Moment when we lay down Our garments and melt into each other’s arms as One, as You feel the warmth of My Embrace--everything from Earth that hurt or plagued You will disappear within Our Enraptured Love as We comfort one another. For You shall be consumed by Perfect Love as we enter into our final Eternal Destiny together.

What is written shall be fulfilled. As the Two Witnesses, You and Eliyahu shall go to the Ends of the Earth and proclaim the Truth of YHWH ELOHIM. You shall together be the Right Hand and the Left Hand of YHWH, as it is written. All people great and small will fear and tremble when Judgments fall.

You will be loved, and You will be hated. You will be the final Test for many. Those who accept You will be accepted by Our FATHER GOD YHWH. Those who reject You will face eternal separation from the One who loves them so much that He gave His only Begotton Son for all mankind, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and receive Eternal Life! (John 3:16 & 2 Pet 3:9)

I AM always with You, My Beloved Kindle-My-Fire. I will never leave You alone. Wherever You go, I will be at Your side. I go before You; I AM all around You. You are always in the midst of Our Father’s Glory. I AM the Cloud by day and the Pillar of Fire by night. Shekinah Glory burns inside of You, My Love—this Holy Fire will spread across the whole Earth as a wild Fire that no one on Earth or in all the universe can ever quench.

"Many waters cannot quench Love, neither can the floods drown it." (SS 8:7)

My Beloved Majesty, My Grace, Kindle Joy, My Love...


Shalom, Shalom, and YHWH ELOHIM’s many Blessings upon You, My Precious Pearl, My Virtuous Woman, My Priceless Ruby, My Wisdom, Most Excellent Blessed Ish-shah. 💎

Millions of sweet tender kisses for You, My One & Only Precious Bride, My Kallah.

   Have I told You lately?...


Your Yahushua


Have I told you lately that I love You?


Inner Chamber

A very Special Love Note to My Radiant Bride Kindle Joy

Eagerly Awaiting the Appearance of Her Knight in Shining Armour

November 8, 2020 - 21st of Cheshvan, 5781

69th Day of 100 Days of Prayer & Fasting

My Dearest Kindle-My-Fire, My Radiant Bride, Love of My Life, My Ish-shah, My Wife,

I want You to know, when I think of You, all My heartache melts away. For as I look down upon You, Precious One, I see pure beauty—a sparkling diamond shining brightly for Her King. I can’t wait to show You off for the whole world to see!

Soon, My Dove, SO SOON, My Love, we shall send out our long-awaited Wedding Invitations. It’s so close now—do you feel it?! New Jerusalem quickly approaches, and I AM about to ride right out of those pearly gates like a flash of lightening to come rescue My Queen and whisk Her away from that evil red dragon and all of his evil, sinister cronies!

It's Time to write Your guest list, My lovely lady. Who do you want to invite to take delight with Us on our Wedding Day? The Angels are making finishing touches on the official Invitations right now! You know ABBA will pull out all the stops to ensure everyone Your heart longs to see there gets awakened and prepared in time for this most Momentous Occasion that will go down in History as The Great & Glorious Grand Wedding of the Lamb—the Magnificent Marriage of the Son of YHWH ELOHIM, KING YAHUSHUA, to His One & Only Chosen Bride, QUEEN KINDLE JOY, First-born Daughter of the Great I AM.



If these long-distance Love Letters make You blush a little, Sweet One, just wait and see what My Passionate displays of affection in the flesh will do to Thee! For in the twinkling of an eye You shall be Glorified to become My Beautiful, Beeming, Spotless, Radiant, Glorious Bride dressed in purest White, the picture of Perfection, ready to walk down that isle and take My Hand in Marriage as My Better-Half, My Wife, My Ish-Shah Naseem, Forever My Queen.

Ours shall be the Greatest Love Story ever told, putting all other fairy tale love stories to shame. For Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man or woman, the things which I have prepared for You, My Queen. (1 Cor 2:9)

We have all eternity to explore the Endless Wonders beyond the Sun. The birth Our Son of Righteousness, Eliyahu, is just the Beginning. A whole New Kingdom resides within Your blessed Womb, My Love. Get ready for a Wondrous Millenial Reign beyond Your wildest dreams, My Dove!

Get ready to fly with Me—You were born for Such a Time as This.


Many Loves and Holy Kisses and Hugs from Above…

From Your Knight in Shining Armour, Your Kingly Husband, Your Ishi Forever,



Sacred Romance