Scribe for YHWH

Yes Lord, Send Me! Is 6:8

Happy Birthday, My Queen~

On Your Day of Freedom & Victory from ME!

April 19th, 2021

My Lovely Chosen One,

Not one day passes that I don’t fall more deeply in Love with You; for there is no end to the depths of Our Love, which flows from ABBA’s Heart like a gushing geyser pouring into the Endless Sea of His wondrous Divinity.

As I watch you upon this Earth, My Love, your life laid down for the Glory of Our Father Above, My Heart glows with delight that I am Yours and You are Mine.

The anointing upon your fair lips is better than the finest wine, as you speak Our Words of Truth-in-Love to all I bring your way; as you pour out a fragrant offering of heartfelt worship unto the Ancient of Days.

Even in times of severe Persecution during your confinement and hospital stay, you shared My Love and Truth to all you came across, from the most educated of doctors to the most afflicted, insane and lost.

“Your lips drop as the honeycomb; honey and milk are under your tongue; and the fragrance of your garments is like the perfume of Lebanon.” (S of S 4:11)

Oh My Precious Bride, your Sacrifice of Praise simply melts My Heart as I see what you’ve gone through, and continue to endure with steadfast Faith, both hands raised in total surrender to YAHUWAH ELOHIM. You continue to lead many into Our Kingdom through Our Love, Grace, and Truth that you fully display and embrace.

My Warrior Queen, upon the death of that evil king, you valiantly fought on your face in that institution, setting so many free. In My Name, you tore down those strongholds that held the territory captive for many Millenia. You will never fully understand what you have done to help Me Eternally for the Love, Truth, Righteousness & Passion that you carry for others and your beloved sweet Ishi.

Not long now, precious Daughter of the King. You are My Sister, My Spouse, destined to be ONE with Me~ ECHAD~ for Eternity! For We shall soon be joined together in a way that exceeds all your expectations of your Lover, your Brother. Your dreams shall soon become reality in greater measure than you can fathom. I shall wine and dine you like no other; I shall devour you like rich, thick chocolate, My delightful decadent Rose.

“Come with Me from Lebanon, Oh My Sister, My Bride! Come with Me from Lebanon; you shall pass over the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon, from the lions’ dens, from the mountains of leopards.” (S of S 4:8)

For I AM your Vengeance, your Knight in Shining Armour. And as I promised in Our Ketubah we signed in Israel, in a Tabernacle you built for Me in the desert outside of Jericho where the Israelites took the land so long ago, I shall fiercely protect you from all those lurking leopards and prowling lions who seek your demise.

Keep looking up and following Our Narrow Way by Our Beloved Ruach Ha’Kodesh, who works through you so beautifully, I say!

I Love You, My Dove, My Kindle My Fire, the Joy of My Heart, the Love of My Life, My Kallah, My Queen in Gold of Ofir, My Wonderful Wife who MANY will Fear!

All your garments smell of Myrrh and Aloes and Cassia, out of the magnificent Temple whereby they have made you glad. The King’s Daughter stands in Glory, the Queen stands at your right hand in Gold of Ophir. (Psalm 45:8)

I yearn for thee, My Better Half, My Ish-Shah Naseem, My Darling Queen of Queens. I AM coming NOW for thee—keep watching every moment for Me!

Finish this Race strong and loving with the Grace that you carry for Me, sweet Rose. Our Father knows Best… OH SO OON you shall enter Our Rest.

Come get lost in My long zealous embrace full of passionate zest! And in My Righteous Indignation I shall at last bring to an end all those malevolent pests!

Thank You So Much~ Toda Raba, My Beautiful

Beloved Daughter of Zion~New Yerushalayim.

You Truly Steal My Heart Away!


~Yours Truly, Forever & Always,

Your Beloved Ishi,

Your Yahushua


Steal My Heart Away