Scribe for YHWH

Yes Lord, Send Me! Is 6:8

A Love Poem for My One & Only Chosen Bride,

Kindle-My-Fire: A New Song for a New Day...


My Love, I Am Coming for You!


Given during 3-day Esther Fast


March 16, 2022

My Beautiful JOY, it is Time to Arise—let Your tears turn into Laughter!

~for today I give You a New Song filled with HOPE & JOY beyond measure!

The Plans I have for You, My Grace, are brighter than the rising Sun.

Your sweet fragrance has ascended to Heaven, and I AM truly undone!

With fervent Desire I await that Day I shall sweep You up to Your Heavenly Home.

I could never find another compared to You, though across the Earth I roam.

You’re the Sunrise after a long dark night; I feel Your Warmth upon My Face.

I draw You close and whisper sweet nothings… let’s get lost in this Embrace!

With cords of Love we are bound as One~Echad, in Perfect Holy Unity;

I will never ever let you go—You are Mine for all Eternity!

With just one touch of Your elegant hand, a thousand words are conveyed;

I have heard every unspoken prayer that Your beautiful heart has prayed.

My cup is running over with Love for You, My Magnificent Queen!

So My Dove, get ready for the Grandest Celebration You have ever seen!

I AM COMING & YOU ARE READY— So let JOY burst forth today!

Behold, the Bridegroom cometh NOW to sweep His Bride away!

Dance with Me, Lover of My Soul!